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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 5

M-Tu Jan. 20-21


➤ Begin reading for Paper #2

Read the Paper #2 instructions, choose a chapter from My Country and My People to critique, and read as much of that chapter as possible.

(Note: I would not suggest you choose Chapter One (“The Chinese People”) because it’s mostly informational. Any other chapter would be fine.)

➤ speaker tasks

(2-3 minutes each)

If you are a speaker for next class, tell us what Lin says in the chapter you’ve chosen and what points you plan to make about it in your paper.

➤ Writing exercise #3

Ungraded. As always, follow my Formatting Guidelines for Written Work.

Read “The Disappearance of the Strident Protest Novel: Uncle Tom’s Cabin at 163.” Choose three new words, phrases, or sentence structures you could imagine yourself using in Paper #2. Using each, write a sentence or phrase about the chapter you chose. Put the word or phrase in bold so I know which one it is.

Also: Please think about these questions and be ready to discuss in class:

  • How is this essay similar to the one we’ll be writing?

  • How will our essay have to be different from this one?

  • What are some different ways our essays could begin?

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