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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 26

W-Th Apr 17-18


➤ Work on Paper 5

Paper 5 is due on the last day of class.

It would be a good idea to conduct your interview(s) over the weekend if possible. Remember to keep good notes and/or record your interviews!

➤ Writing Exercise 12

Print your Paper 4 again. Underline or highlight every place where you made an observation (not an inference or judgment) about the three texts (Hofstede, Lin, and Hu, Grove & Zhuang). Bring it to class.

➤ Speaker task

Explain your paper to us so far. Tell us:

  • what behavior you’re writing about. (Describe what you observed in the movie; paint a picture in our heads.)

  • what inferences you drew about this behavior.

  • what question or questions you’re trying to find out the answer to.

  • what you’ve learned so far in your research. (If you’ve already done your interview(s), tell us a few of the most interesting things you learned from it/them.)

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