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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 24

W-Th Apr 10-11


➤ Submit Word Museum ppt’s

Check the Word Museum. If your ppt (either from Session 3 or Session 4) isn’t up there, yet, email it to Xiaonan ( ). Please cc (抄送) me too at Make sure to include links to any videos or multimedia elements you showed in class, or audio/video files if applicable.

➤ Writing Exercise #11

Choose a topic for your Paper #5 (something the characters in Boyhood do that interests you).

Write the beginning (the first 2-3 paragraphs) of your paper. Your beginning should include the first three “moves” listed on the instruction sheet: observation, inference, and raising questions. (If you’re in Section 1, please refer to the version of the handout above! I added the “inference” section.)

Please also write a list of interview questions you could ask an American (a classmate, teacher, or other member of the DKU community) that you think could help shed light on the question(s) you’re interested in. (These should be questions you could actually imagine yourself asking someone.)

  • Note: I did also say that if you want to write about Hofstede for Paper #5, you can do that instead—if you want to do that, message me on WeChat and we’ll come up with an alternate assignment.

➤ Speaker tasks

Describe the behavior you observed in Boyhood that you’re interested in writing about for your paper. (Paint a picture of it in the listeners’ minds!) Tell us what inferences you draw from this behavior, what questions it raises in your mind, and why you’re interested in those questions.

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