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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 22

W-Th Apr 3-4


➤ Finish PAPER #4

Paper #4 is due next class.

➤ Read selections from osland and bird

Read pp. 65-67 (up to “Why Don’t We Know More About Cultural Paradoxes?”) and pp. 71-72 (the section titled “Some Illustrations of Sensemaking”). Skim the rest of the article. Try to understand: Why do these authors believe that thinking of cultures in terms of “bipolar dimensions” can create problems? What is “cultural sensemaking”?

(Note: “sensemaking” is not a normal word in English. It is academic jargon. However, “to make sense of [something]” is an ordinary phrase.)

➤ Speaker tasks

Think of another example of the kind of “paradox” that Osland and Bird describe in this article. Describe this paradox for us. Explain how you might “make sense of it.”

➤ (If you have time) Watch Boyhood

Movie Night: Join us 7:30-10:00pm on Sunday night (location TBD) to watch this movie together!

(If you can’t come, you'll need to find time to watch the movie on your own. You will need to watch it by W/Th of this coming week.)

As you watch this movie, make note of at least one scene you find interesting from a cultural perspective, and be ready to tell us what it is and what questions you might ask an American about it. Keep an eye out for:

  • Things that seem to contradict common stereotypes or generalizations about American culture

  • Things that characters do that seem mysterious or inexplicable to you


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