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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 20

W-Th Mar 27-28


➤ Speaker tasks:

Speaker 1: Summarize the Hu, Zhuang, and Grove reading.

Speaker 2: Summarize the Lin Yutang reading.

Speaker 3: Explain how you think these readings relate to each other. Do they contradict each other? If so, which do you agree with? If not, why not?

➤ Read “Absence of the Social Mind” and “A Brief Background to the Chinese Way of Life”

Read these two excerpts from Lin Yutang’s My Country and My People and Hu, Grove, and Zhuang’s Encountering the Chinese.

➤ Writing Exercise #9

Write three paragraphs in which you do the following:

  • Paragraph 1: Summarize what Hu, Zhuang and Grove say about collectivism. Include one quote (no more).

  • Paragraph 2: Summarize what Lin says in the excerpt. Include one quote (no more).

  • Paragraph 3: Explain how you think these things relate to one another.

Limit your exercise to one page single-sided.

➤ PReview Paper #4

Read the instructions for our next paper, “Lin vs. Hu, Grove, and Zhuang.”

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