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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 17

M-Tu Mar 18-19


➤ Read hofstede chapter 2 + article excerpts

Read the excerpts from Hofstede Chapter 2 and the excerpts from Hofstede 2011, “Dimensionalizing Cultures” (all are in one PDF)

Questions to consider as you read:

  • How did Hofstede develop his “cultural dimensions” theory?

  • What are the six dimensions? What do they mean?

  • Where do you think Chinese culture falls on each of these six dimensions?

➤ Speaker tasks

Summarize the Hofstede reading.

Discuss with the other two speakers and decide which parts of the readings you want to emphasize, and who will cover what content.

Make sure to address my three reading questions.

➤ read copyediting instructions and style sheet

Read these documents carefully. Message me if you have any questions.

➤ begin copyediting

Your group’s three copyedited manuscripts are due before class M-Tu Mar. 25-26

day-17Austin Woerner