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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 16

W-Th Mar. 13-14


➤ Final drafts of mcmp papers due next class!


  • I do not want hard copy this time. Please submit it electronically (as a .doc or .docx file) before class begins. Email it to my TA, Xiaonan (

  • Important change: I have decided I do want a reference list as well as a one-paragraph statement (at the end, not part of the paper) describing how you researched your topic. You may format your reference list in any citation style you wish.

  • Word count: The word limit is 1500, but in some cases I have given permission to exceed it. If I’ve told you you can go over, you can go over. If I haven’t, please limit your essay to 1500 words. If you’re unsure, ask me.

  • Illustrations, Chinese keyword list, and “further reading” section: You do not have to include these at this point, but you may if you wish. This part of the essay will be due later, as part of the copyediting process (next week).

➤ Speaker tasks

Choose one of the following. Either:

  • Reflect on the process of revising this paper. What do you feel you’ve learned? Is there anything you feel you’ve gotten better at? Is there anything you feel is still challenging for you?


  • Tell us: If your American classmates were writing a similar book about American culture, what would you like that book to include? What are a few specific cultural practices (things people do) that you’d like your American classmates to “decode” or “demystify”?

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