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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 11

M-Tu Feb. 18-19


➤ Speaker tasks:

If you are a speaker for next class, please:

  • describe the activity you’re writing about

  • tell us what central question you’re trying to address

  • tell us what you think the answer is (you don’t need to be certain) and why you think that’s true

➤ Keep working on your essay

Your rough draft is due a week from today. (If you would like your feedback early, you can hand in your rough draft by noon on Friday.)

➤ Skim TSIS Chapter 10 (Metacommentary)

You don’t need to read this painstakingly. Just skim it and come to class ready to tell us, “What is metacommentary”? and give a couple examples of metacommentary.

➤ Reread Preface F

Consider: Is there anything in this preface that might point you toward an interesting larger question that your essay could address?

➤ Writing Exercise #6

Complete these five templates, using the ideas you plan to write about in your paper. Feel free to change the order of these questions if you see fit, or change the wording slightly if necessary.

  • The central question this essay sets out to explore is: __________________?

  • I would argue that _________________. I believe this is true because __________________.

  • My point here is not that __________________. Rather, I am saying that _______________.

  • Some might argue that ________________. However, I am of the opinion that ________________.

  • _____________ sheds light on an interesting larger question: ___________________?

If you are doing this right, completing these sentences should help you clarify your ideas or push your argument a step farther. If you’re confused about what I’m looking for in this exercise, please ask me.

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