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EAP102 Spring 2019

Class notes and homework assignments

Day 1

M-Tu Jan. 7-8


➤ Speaker tasks

(2-3 minutes each)

  • Speaker 1: Do some research online, and tell us a little bit about Lin Yutang and My Country and My People. Who was Lin Yutang? Why did he write My Country and My People? Why is the book famous, both in China and the West?

  • Speaker 2: Summarize the main “take-home points” from Handout 1 (“Definition”). What are the three reasons why writers define words, according to this handout? And what are the three ways writers define words described in this handout?

  • Speaker 3: Answer Questions 1-5 on Handout 2 (“What is ‘culture’?”).


Read Handout 1 (“Definition”) and Handout 2 (“What does ‘culture’ mean?”). Be ready to share your responses to Questions 1-5 on Handout 2.

Skim the table of contents and excerpts I’ve posted from the various examples of “writing about culture.” Think about these questions, and be ready to discuss:

  • What are some of the similarities and differences you notice about the ways in which these authors write about culture?

  • Which of these books do you find most interesting, and why?

  • If you were to write a book about culture, which of these books would you look to as a model?

➤ Writing Exercise #1: Three True Sentences

(Due next class. This an ungraded assignment, which means that as long as you do it, take it seriously, and follow my formatting guidelines, you’ll get full credit. See Course Handbook -> Grading for details.)

As you read the readings, jot down 3 new words or phrases you think you might like to use in the coming week, either when speaking or writing. Using each word or phrase, write me one interesting sentence. Tell me something true. Tell me something you find intriguing, or troubling, or confusing; something you particularly like or dislike; something you firmly believe, or something you are wondering about, a question you care about that you’re trying to find an answer to. Or: ask me a question about anything. Your choice.

Underline or bold the new word or phrase so I know which is the one you’re trying out. I will give you feedback on how you’re using it.

Follow the Formatting Guidelines for Written Work. In addition, do not exceed one page (one side of one printed page).

➤ Preview the Course handbook

Look over the Course Handbook. This is the document that explains all my class policies, and how this class will work. You do not need to read everything in detail, but make sure you know what kinds of things are in the document.

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