EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 24

W-Th Nov. 28-29 (Week XII)


due M-Tu Dec. 3-4

➤ Read TSIS Chapter 7 (“Saying Why It Matters”)

Jot down what you believe are the key “take-home points” from this chapter and come to class ready to share them

➤ Peer Feedback

As soon as possible, give each of your peer reviewers a copy of your final paper rough draft — either electronically or in hard copy, whichever they prefer.

Giving peer feedback

Please read your peer's paper carefully, and give him/her honest feedback. The more honest your feedback, the more it will help your peer write a good paper — and get a good grade!

I'd suggest that you first read the paper quickly, imagining that you are a reader of Sixth Tone. If this article were actually published on Sixth Tone, would you read it? Would you find it interesting?

Then, after you've formed an initial impression of the paper, read the list of questions on the peer feedback questionnaire. Re-read the paper, and fill out the form honestly. If you notice specific problems, mark those on the manuscript itself, and/or make a note in the "notes" column.

(Note: You can either fill out the form electronically or print it out and do it by hand.)

Lastly, fill out the back side of the peer review questionnaire. Write 1-2 things you think the author did particularly successfully. Then, write a "to-do" list for the author. What would you suggest the author do to improve this essay?

If you filled out the form electronically, print two copies and bring them to class. If you filled it out by hand, photocopy the form and bring both the original and the copy to class.

In addition, photocopy your classmate's manuscript (with your marks and/or comments on it) and bring both the original and the copy to class. 

Grading: I will collect the extra copy of your peer review and your marked-up copy of your classmate's manuscript. This assignment will be graded.

  • Check-plus = I can tell you took this assignment seriously

  • Check = It looks like you just "went through the motions"

  • Check-minus = You didn't adequately complete the assignment

Austin Woerner