EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 22

W-Th Nov. 21-22 (Week XI)


due M-Tu Nov. 26-27 (next class)

➤ Begin writing your final paper

  • (Recommended) Find and read 2-3 op-eds on Sixth Tone that you find interesting

  • Be ready to give a 2 minute talk in class (I will cut you off at two minutes!) explaining the argument you plan to make in your op-ed, in a nutshell.

  • Write the first 1-2 paragraphs of your final paper, print it out, and bring it to class

Broad Tones | Sixth Tone

Broad tones are contributions from individuals with unique perspectives to share. This section is dedicated to a wide range of people, from experts and commentators to those whose voices are rarely heard.

Austin Woerner