EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 21

M-Tu Nov. 19-20 (Week XI)


due W-Th Nov. 21-22


Read my second open letter, “Speaking, Being, and Becoming,” on Two Cents. Come to next class ready to verbally summarize (in your own words) one point I made or question I asked that you found interesting or thought-provoking, and explain why you found it interesting and/or thought provoking. (If you did not find anything I wrote interesting or thought provoking, that’s okay – be ready to tell us why!)

Next class I will randomly choose a few students to share their responses.


For “Letter to Austin #6,” you have two choices.

1)    Respond to a point or question I raised in my open letter, or to a point a classmate made previously on Two Cents. Write in such a way that you could imagine your letter being published on Two Cents. (One key part of this is, summarize what you’re responding to in a way that someone who hasn’t that original text can understand what you’re talking about.)


2)    Write about any topic relevant to language and culture, the ideas we’ve been talking about in this class, and/or life at DKU, that you think could be of interest to the DKU community. Write in such a way that you could imagine your letter being published on Two Cents.

As I did before, I will choose a number of your letters to edit and publish. If you feel strongly that you want your letter to be published on Two Cents, please let me know! I will take that into consideration.


Pick three words, phrases, or expressions in my open letter that you either have never encountered before, or wouldn’t usually use when you talk or write, and which you think you might want to use in the future. These should be conventional language – i.e. not my own unique phrases or expressions, so you could use them in any piece of writing without fear of plagiarizing.

Using each of these words or phrases, write a sentence conveying something that interests you or troubles you about language learning and/or life at DKU.

Hand-write or print out this writing exercise and hand it in next class. Don’t forget to put your name and section number.

Austin Woerner