EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 19

M-Tu Nov. 12-13 (Week X)


Due W-Th Nov. 14-15

➤ Outline Dörnyei and Kubanyiova’s argument

Review the three excerpts from Motivating Learners, Motivating Teachers and write a 2 page outline laying out what you believe to be the most important points of their argument.

This assignment will be graded and will count as Short Essay #5.

Formatting: Please follow my normal formatting guidelines for short essays, but with one difference: single space your outline rather than double spacing it.

Write this as a full-sentence outline: in other words, every bullet point should be a complete sentence (unless you are listing examples of things). Click on the buttons to download some examples of this type of outline.

Grading: To get full credit on this assignment, you must:

  • Format it neatly, using the bullet point tool on your word processor

  • Not exceed 2 pages

  • Lay out the ideas in such a way that someone who is not you could follow logic of Dörnyei and Kubanyiova’s argument

  • Quote sparingly, paraphrase as much as you can, and put any of the authors’ original language in quotes

Note: You will not be able to fit all of Dörnyei and Kubanyiova’s ideas onto two pages. Therefore, you must pick and choose which points you believe are most important. Your outline will look different from your classmates’; there is no one “right” outline, and everyone’s outlines will likely emphasize different aspects of Dörnyei and Kubanyiova’s argument.

➤ Think up a counterargument

Come up with what you believe to be the strongest possible counterargument to Dörnyei and Kubanyiova’s idea. You do not need to write this down; just come to class prepared to tell us what it is.

Austin Woerner