EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 10

M-Tu Oct. 8-9 (Week VI)


➤ Read the Midterm Paper Instructions and start working on your paper. Draft 1 is due M-Tu Oct. 15-16.

➤ Print the APA sample paper and reference list and bring them to next class.

As soon as possible: Send me electronic copy of your Short Essay #4 over WeChat, formatted as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Make sure the file name includes your name and the name of the theory. 

  • Important: If you haven't already, please add to your Word document two links: 1) a link to the article you summarized and, and 2) a link to the source you used to give you a general overview of the theory. I will upload all of your summaries to Baidu Cloud so that they’re available to the whole class as resources when writing your midterm papers. Including these links will allow your classmates to visit the source and learn more about your theory and your article.

Austin Woerner