EAP101 Class Notes & Homework

Fall 2018

Day 12

M-Tu Oct. 15-16 (Week VII)


➤Preview Motivating Teachers, Motivating Learners

Preview the first excerpt from Motivating Learners, Motivating Teachers by Zoltan Dornyei and Magdalena Kubanyiova.

Be ready to talk about the following questions in class:

  • What kind of text is this? What is the genre?

  • What it is about? (What is the topic?)

  • To what do the authors seem to be responding? (What is the “they say?”)

  • Who do you think the intended audience is?

  • How could this text be relevant to us?

    • (Us = you, me, this class, DKU students, Chinese students of English, students of any foreign language, etc. — however you wish to define it)

➤ Read classmates’ responses

Read your classmates’ responses on Two Cents. Write down three points you found particularly interesting or memorable, using this template:

  • In his/her response, [PERSON] [REPORTING VERB]s, “_______________.”

Paraphrase each point — put it in your own words, using this template:

  • In other words, he/she [REPORTING VERB]s that ____________________.

Bring this assignment to class on paper (either printed or handwritten) with your name and section number on it. I will collect this assignment, but it won’t be graded.

Austin Woerner