DKU Intercultural Book Club

The DKU Intercultural Book Club is hosted by Austin Woerner in partnership with the Duke Kunshan University Library.

Each session the Book Club will choose one book to read in both English and Chinese. Read in whichever language you prefer and come ready to discuss your reactions to the book with other readers who may have experienced it in the other language!

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DKU Intercultural Book Club

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Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha



Champion: Yolanda Ling 凌嘉阳

Get it in English (print) Recommended translation: Hilda Rosner

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➤ 中文电子版可在微信读书上阅读

Siddhartha, the son of a venerable Brahman, leaves his home on a journey in pursuit of "atman" (the innermost part of oneself). His spiritual quest leads him to the river, where at last he learns to unite his two selves: the individual and subjective; and the sacred and eternal. This beautifully-written book was written by Hesse after World War I, and some people see it as the cure for the wounded heart of a people who went through war, encouraging them to face their true selves and seek the beauty in their lives. —Yolanda Ling