DKU Intercultural Book Club

The DKU Intercultural Book Club is hosted by Austin Woerner in partnership with the Duke Kunshan University Library.

Each session the Book Club will choose one book to read in both English and Chinese. Read in whichever language you prefer and come ready to discuss your reactions to the book with other readers who may have experienced it in the other language!

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DKU Intercultural Book Club

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Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five


库尔特·冯内古特 ,《五号屠场》

Champion: Kevin Sprague

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Slaughterhouse Five is a wickedly funny satirical sci-fi novel with one of the most famous opening lines in English  literature. Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time, survives World War II, and spends time in an alien zoo. This is a classic must read from one of America's funniest novelists. —Kevin Sprague