DKU Intercultural Book Club

The DKU Intercultural Book Club is hosted by Austin Woerner in partnership with the Duke Kunshan University Library.

Each session the Book Club will choose one book to read in both English and Chinese. Read in whichever language you prefer and come ready to discuss your reactions to the book with other readers who may have experienced it in the other language!

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DKU Intercultural Book Club

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Arthur Waley, Monkey / excerpts from Journey to the West



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➤ 亚瑟·韦利的《Monkey》是《西游记》的删节本,想读中文版的朋友们可以只读原作的1-15回、18-19回、第22回、第37-39回、第44-49回和第98-100回,这些章节对应《Monkey》里面的内容。

Wu Cheng’en’s Journey to the West, one of China's four great classic novels, is a picaresque adventure that follows a monkey, a pig, an ogre, and a monk as they travel west seeking sacred Buddhist scriptures; Arthur Waley's abridged translation, Monkey, is considered one of the most entertaining and readable translations of a Chinese classic novel.  Since the Chinese original is extremely long, those who wish to read the Chinese version can just read the chapters that correspond to the ones Waley translated.

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