DKU Intercultural Book Club

The DKU Intercultural Book Club is hosted by Austin Woerner in partnership with the Duke Kunshan University Library.

Each session the Book Club will choose one book to read in both English and Chinese. Read in whichever language you prefer and come ready to discuss your reactions to the book with other readers who may have experienced it in the other language!

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DKU Intercultural Book Club

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Ursula K. LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea

Ursula K. LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea (part 1 of the Earthsea Cycle)


(中文译本:蔡美玲 译 ~ 马爱农 / 周莉  译

Ursula Le Guin, who passed away this year, is one of the most famous writers of fantasy fiction in English. She is best known for her Earthsea series (地海传奇) and her science fiction novels The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed. Much of her writing has feminist themes, and she was heavily influenced by Daoism (道家思想) and cultural anthropology. The first novel in the Earthsea series, The Wizard of Earthsea, is a hero narrative about a young wizard coming of age.