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Essay 3: Profile of a Character

Write an essay centering on a single character and their relationship with a place—where they grew up, where they live, where they work, or any other place that is significant to them. The goal is to evoke this character in their context, to capture both what is essential about the place and about the character.

There are two ways to do this assignment: as a reported piece, or as a memoir.

As a reported piece:

If you choose to write this essay as a reported piece, your central character should ideally be someone who lives or works nearby, whom you can interview.

As a memoir:

If you choose to write this as a memoir, your central character should be a person from your past—a friend, relative, or other acquaintance—whose story who find compelling. If possible, you may wish to interview that person, or other people who know or knew them, to refresh your memory about the details of that person and the place against which you intend to depict them.

Requirements for the assignment:

    • Your essay should be at least 500 words long (you may write longer, if you wish, but be prepared to read a shorter section of it in class)

    • Your essay should have a title.